• Intraoral Cameras

  • Advancements in technology have provided the industry with tools that help assist our staff in detecting problems at early stages. Here at Dental Professionals, we are proud to provide procedures involving intraoral imaging. The intraoral camera allows the possibility not only to detect even the smallest of details but also helps to identify defects that can lead to problems later.

    What Are Intraoral Cameras?

    Intraoral cameras are small digital cameras that are about the size of a pen that have the capability to connect to a large screen to show real-time images as a mouth is being examined. This device helps educate our patients by providing them with information allowing them easily to understand the condition of their oral health. Attached to the intraoral camera is a bright LED that helps to diagnose cavities, fractures, or other defects that would be hard to see with the naked eye.

    What Are the Advantages of Intraoral Cameras?

    Intraoral cameras help in recording changes in your oral cavity. The photos taken from these advanced cameras allow the doctors at Dental Professionals to educate you about what is happening in your mouth. Photos are great aids in communicating your clinical needs to insurances and specialists. We take pride in showing patients the conditions of their mouth in a thorough manner.

    With the precision of the intraoral cameras, we have the ability to capture more details by taking high-quality photos of the inside of your mouth. This also helps to identify any changes to your oral conditions over time. If another opinion is needed from a specialist, the photos taken from the intraoral camera can easily be emailed. Ultimately, with more detailed results, it will be possible to identify the best treatment plan for your exact dental needs.