• Mouth Guards

  • Anyone participating in a sport that carries a risk of injury should wear a mouth guard. We usually think of football and hockey as the most dangerous to the teeth, but nearly half of sports-related mouth injuries occur in basketball and baseball.

    A properly fitted mouth guard aids in the protection of the soft tissues by preventing lacerations and bruising of the lips and cheeks, especially for those who wear ortho appliances.

    Mouth guards typically cover the upper teeth and can cushion a blow to the face minimizing the risk of broken teeth as well as injury to soft tissues.

    Each year, Dental Professionals provides a custom pro-form mouth guard to all members of the Germantown football program. This is a great opportunity for the Dental Professionals team to engage with the players and supply proper dental protection. Each year, we serve approximately 150 players. With the help of staff, family and friends, the mouth guards are completed and distributed prior to the first suited practice.